Our Services

We provide lead recovery services to gun clubs and shooting ranges of any size nationwide. We use a dry method of reclamation utilizing various sizes and types of high frequency screens to separate the lead from all other materials. We start by removing the top layer material and store tarp covered piles just outside of the shot fall area. During the removal process we monitor the the shot in the soil. We are not limited to any depth and our process lays bare the shot fall area. As long as there's still enough lead to make it worthwhile, we keep removing and storing. It's critical that the material be extremely dry when we store it under tarps. Once the dry material is stored and covered, we will no longer be severely affected by wet weather. No more field preparation will be required, and any weather delays will be brief. Following a rain, as soon as the field is dry enough and safe enough for our wheeled equipment to maneuver, we go back to work.We wait it out and usually lose just a day or two to wet weather.

Once the screening process is complete we spread the harvest tailings back over the shot fall area. Once we have spread the tailings back over the shot fall area, the area will be smooth and naturally contoured. If seeding is required we ask that this be your responsibility.

Our work schedule will be set around yours, not the other way around. We have the availability to work not only during the day, but also at night with lights. You will be able to continue with your target shooting schedule and events while we are on site.

Our management team has over 60 years of experience in shooting sports management, construction management and heavy equipment operation. We are uniquely qualified to efficiently maximize your lead harvest and negotiate the best possible price for the sale of your lead.

Our reclamation machinery includes a soil screening plant, separating trommel, elevating scrapers, front end loaders, road graders and skid steer equipment you would associate with heavy highway construction equipment. All of our operators are experienced  and licensed to operate such equipment when required.

Gipson-Ricketts has an ongoing OSHA compliance program ensuring that safety on your jobsite is paramount. We have never experienced a lost time injury to any of our personnel. We operate primarily under the 29 CFR 1926 Construction standard but also the 29 CFR 1910 General Industry standard where appropriate. In becoming strictly OSHA compliant, we have affirmed our commitment to excellence in the workplace, reduction of lost time accidents, and reduction in the possibility of lawsuits from wrongful injury. This has been achieved through employer commitment, worker awareness, and a highly tailored regulatory compliance and oversight program.

If before, during or after the recovery project is complete you ever have any questions or concerns you need only to call. We believe that persistence, attention to detail and quick responses to your needs are the keys to a successful relationship with your club. There will be no false promises as to the potential of your harvest. There will be no surprise back charges or "other" expenses after the fact when we perform your harvest. You will understand every detail, up front before the job begins. We will want to return to your club in a few years to harvest again, and we want you to feel the same way!

With over 100 completed projects and in excess of 20 Million pounds of lead recovered Gipson-Ricketts has the expertise and ability to complete most any project.